About Us

We are the passionate romantics, fond of our craftsmanship and designs. We are here making most affordable designer jewelries, but beyond that, we are the language to help people communicate love.

BuyArtJewels did not originate overnight so to add one more online jewelry store, BuyArtJewels was envisioned over years to change the experience of buying jewelry. Our founders with their experience noticed that diamonds though are rare; they don’t have to be a hardship because of exorbitant market prices. They decided to change it and started creating minimalist fine jewelry designs that are perfect for everyday use.

At BuyArtJewels, we handcraft each piece to make sure that our jewelry is specially created for our customers retaining its meaning and quality at best. Each jewelry is designed such that it is effortlessly beautiful, designer, and reasonably priced.

Our story

A woman with a dream and a vision, and a man with dedication and experience, came together to create something new, to make a dream come true. For BuyArtJewels, Harshita is that spirit. Harshita, a true visionary, had a dream to bring people designer jewelry at a price that is affordable for them. Ajay Saraff, the other mind behind BuyArtJewels, had his experience rooted in years of purchasing diamonds and manufacturing jewelry. His guidance has played an integral part in making that vision a reality. Storing the intelligence and experience of jewelry industry for over years, these two are an excellent combination to begin the BuyArtJewels journey.

Together, we welcome you to BuyArtJewels. With our imagination and precision, let’s create something beautiful that you can cherish wearing every day of your life.