Who can Wear Pink Sapphire? Are They Precious and Worthy?

Who can Wear Pink Sapphire? Are They Precious and Worthy?

The world of gems is amazing and there are many astonishing gemstones to suit your personality and style. Usually, you may look for a rare gemstone because of course, you would want to flaunt it. So, one such beautiful gemstone that you can flaunt is a pink sapphire. As the name suggests, this gemstone is becoming quite popular among young ladies. You might have heard of them but you would have mostly seen only blue sapphires and not the pink ones. But, in this article we are going to tell you all about the pink sapphire and then you can decide for yourself, whether you wish to wear one or not.

What Exactly is a Pink Sapphire?

Scientifically the pink sapphire is a member of the corundum mineral family. Based on their appearance, they resemble a lot to a ruby. So much so, that it is very difficult to differentiate between a ruby and a pink sapphire with a naked eye. However, a gemologist will be able to do it. The pink sapphire is found in various shades of pink and even with tints of purple and orange. In general, the darker the shade of pink, costlier is the pink sapphire.

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Talking about the geographical aspect, Madagascar is one of the major producers of a pink sapphire though it can also be found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and East Africa. Although pink sapphires are still considered rare, they were more rare before the 1990s. In the 1990s, mines were discovered in Madagascar which made it less rare. Interestingly, the place of origin doesn’t affect the price or quality of this gemstone. However, the rarer pink sapphire is still said to have originated from Sri Lanka.

Their Worth and Symbolization

A pink sapphire is not as rare as a pink diamond and hence is much less costly than that. Also, as we told you earlier, a darker shade of pink is more costly. A positive aspect of this gemstone is that it’s available in numerous shades and you can choose the shade based on your preference. An example could be that if your wedding has a baby pink theme, you could choose a pink sapphire ring that has a lighter shade of pink. If you prefer the darker shade, so be it. Probably you could wear a dark pink sapphire in the pendant of your necklace. You can look for the cut, clarity and carat while purchasing a pink sapphire, just like you would do for a diamond.

A pink sapphire represents the sun and hence is usually recommended for the people with Aries zodiac sign. However, in general the gemstone denotes sincerity and loyalty. As per the Indian astrology, it is said that people in field jobs and artists should wear a pink sapphire as it would give them professional success and also help them in maintaining a positive attitude. So, if you are a soldier, chef or a sales manager, a pink sapphire ring might be useful for you.

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The Final Word

Pink sapphire engagement rings are becoming extremely popular these days. If you’re impressed by the properties of this gemstone, you could get a pink sapphire ring for yourself too. At BuyArtJewels, you will get beautiful pink sapphire station necklaces as well. Shop amazing pink sapphire rings and jewelry here.