Where can you Buy the Custom Engraved Rings?

Where can you Buy the Custom Engraved Rings?

Custom-made jewelry is always a preferred choice for most special occasions. Because you would want to look unique and feel special during such occasions. Isn’t it? So, of course it would be a great idea to go for a custom engraved ring for your engagement or anniversary as they are one of the most special occasions in our life. But, it’s not just about custom-made, but about perfection as well. If finding a perfect custom engraved ring was that simple, everyone would have easily gotten it. But, as we are aware of the fact, that’s not how it is. So, to help you find your perfect custom engraved ring, here’s some really useful information! Read on.

At BuyArtJewels, we completely understand how special the custom engraved ring is for you. Therefore we follow a meticulously designed process to make sure that you get your desired custom engraved ring at the best possible price. So, when we say ‘Personalized to Perfection’ we mean it!

It is a three step process which can be classified as ‘3D’ i.e. Discuss, Design and Deliver. We’ll elaborate on these steps one by one.


We start the customization process with a thorough discussion after you fill our custom order request form. This discussion involves elucidation of your expectation and idea. It is you who chose to get the custom engraved ring therefore your expectations matter the most and we take complete care of this fact. The other part of the discussion involves budgeting. This is a more practical aspect of the process as, we need to make sure that we fulfill your expectations in the best possible way that too at the best possible price.

Price is an important criterion and we take pride in providing the rightly priced jewelry that is top notch in quality. Hence, you may compare our prices with any other jewelry retailer, either online or offline and we’ll surely win your trust.


Post discussion, we get indulged in bringing your idea to life. We perform this step with all our heart and try to come up with the best possible realistic interpretation of your thought and concept. Once we are done with the conceptualization part, we prepare a CAD (computer aided drafting) and send it to you.

This is the time when your nod decides how we shall proceed. So, if the design gets approved from your end, the manufacturing process starts. Here, our artisans get to work and put their heart and soul into producing a marvel. Or in other words, making your wish come true!


Designing is followed by packaging and timely delivery. In this final step of the process we make sure that your piece of jewelry is delivered on time and in the best possible condition. If you read reviews shared by our customers, they have always appreciated our delivery and this helps us to keep up. So, once you receive what you had wished for, we feel satisfied.

Free Engraving and Lifetime Warranty

Besides customizing the design,we also provide free engraving of up to 20 characters on your ring. With the engraving on it, your ring becomes a personalized loving memory that you can cherish for a lifetime.

When you place a custom order with us, we acknowledge and value your trust. Therefore, on every custom order you get lifetime warranty along with eternal services of rhodium re-plating, prong tightening, re-polishing and cleaning.

The Final Word

This is how we provide best custom engraved rings. Hope you found this information useful. BuyArtJewels is committed to provide rightly priced jewelry with the best quality. You can check our fabulous collection of rings here.