What Does Opal Symbolize? Are They Bad Luck for Engagement Rings?

What Does Opal Symbolize? Are They Bad Luck for Engagement Rings?

If you’re looking for a clear answer whether opal is a good gemstone or not, we’ll say that it all depends upon your perspective. Optimism and pessimism are two sides of a human perspective and the perspective is subject to various factors which influence decision making. We’re telling this to you because the purpose of this blog is to inform you about the opal stone in detail. This information will help you decide for yourself, whether you want an opal ring (for your engagement or as an anniversary gift) or not.

We’ll tell you about the positive as well as negative affiliations associated with the opal stone. But, before delving into that, let’s talk about a bit of science, geography and other basic details. So, opal is a hydrated form of silica that is found mostly in Australia. As a matter of fact, Australia produces more than 95% of the world’s opal stone. This includes the most precious variety of opal, the White Opal and the rare variety, Black Opal. Basically opal is a semi-precious stone that has various colours trapped inside it as a result of which it produces rainbow reflections.

Myths Associated with Opal

As history has it, Europeans in the medieval period were most afraid of opal. This is attributed to the myth that an entire family of a spanish king died due to wearing a mysterious opal ring. However, later it was also found that Cholera was disastrously spreading in the same period and most probably that was the reason behind deaths. Superstitious people also believe that opal possesses certain negative properties which are used for black magic.

This is also because they consider that the look of the opal stone resembles an eye of a cat or wolf that shines during the night. Due to all these reasons (and basically myths) some people relate hellish properties to the opal and consider it inauspicious for engagement rings. They are also afraid of wearing the gemstone in general.

Advantages and Positive Side of Opal

We’ve talked a lot about negativities associated with the opal stone and now we’ll talk about the positive side. Numerous people these days are adoring opal engagement rings. Primary reason being the beauty of the opal stone. It’s a whitish stone that has several shades of light trapped inside it. Secondly, it is believed that opal promotes loyalty in relationships. On the other hand, it is also considered a stone of seduction and desire that intensifies emotions.

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That’s why an opal ring is preferred in modern engagements. However, the ‘Caesars’ are believed to be fans of the opal stone and it’s in records that they used to gift it to each other as a good luck charm. Queen Victoria is also said to have adorned this stone in her crown.

The Final Word

We at BuyArtJewels consider it as our responsibility to disseminate information. Whether the positive side or negative side about the opal stone, you should believe just what you’ve seen yourself. Don’t believe purely on what people say. In general, the opal stone is considered an October stone and is usually gifted on the 14th anniversary of couples.

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