Simple Diamond Wedding Bands That You Can Own Under $200

Simple Diamond Wedding Bands That You Can Own Under $200

Necessities change with time and so do trends. There is a new trend on the rise in weddings these days. Simplicity and affordability. That’s right! People are becoming smarter and choosing simplicity and affordability over fanciness and luxury, especially in case of jewelry. Since, Affordability is the key in modern-day weddings we’ll help you stay abreast with it by providing useful information.

Along with affordability, it’s crucial to choose the right jewelry that’s created by a trustworthy jeweler. Because, affordability doesn’t mean that you need to compromise with quality. So, you can blindly choose BuyArtJewels in this case because we stand for authenticity and quality. Here we are going to tell you about simple diamond wedding bands that you can purchase under $200. Read the entire list and after that there’s a surprise for you!

14k Diamond Open Ring

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Open design in rings is getting popular these days and this elegantly simple diamond ring will surely catch people’s eyes. Either you can stack it with your wedding band or wear it as it is. Based on your preference you can choose among the variants such as rose gold, white gold or yellow gold for this beautiful yet simple diamond wedding band.

14k Beaded Diamond Band

 stackable wedding ring

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Just look at those beautiful beads with finely placed diamonds in between. If simplistic elegance had a shape, that would have been like this. This simple diamond ring is also available in choices of gold (rose gold, white gold and yellow gold).

14k Ephemere Diamond Wedding Ring

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Just wear it and keep admiring yourself. “What a beautiful piece of jewelry!” That’s all you’d say when you check out the white gold and yellow gold variants. It’s quite visible from the design why this ring is named as an ephemere. It’s the art that defines the artist and hence, if you prefer extraordinary over anything, this simple diamond wedding band deserves a place in your wardrobe.

14k Micro Pave Diamond Wedding Band

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‘Posh’ is probably the word that can best define this simple diamond wedding band. As they say ‘the more the merrier’, this ring has got several diamonds paved with finesse. It’s for sure that no one would be able to guess its price when you flaunt this masterpiece on your ring finger. And yes, this also comes with choices of gold.

Unlocking the Surprise

Hope you liked the simple diamond wedding bands listed above. As we promised in the beginning, here’s the surprise. If you thought that only affordability makes these rings special, you were wrong. These rings come with an option of free customization! 

So, if you wish to get your name or your beloved’s name engraved on the ring, that shall be done and that too for free! (free engraving up to 20 characters). You wish to get your ring resized, not an issue. Even if you wish to replace the diamond with some other gem, that could be done as well!


Simplicity, authenticity and affordability make their jewelry pieces the best choice and their existing customers completely agree to this (you may read the reviews posted by their customers). BuyArtJewels has therefore become a trustworthy name for minimalistic jewelry. You can check out their exquisite collection of earrings and other jewelry as well.