Everything You Need to Know About Ring Resizing

Everything You Need to Know About Ring Resizing

Ring resizing is not actually an issue but usually perceived to be one. You put an effort in choosing the design of your (or someone else’s) ring but, sometimes the ring looks beautiful but doesn’t fit properly on the finger. What should you do? Here’s some pretty useful information for you that would assist you in taking the right step instead of developing a false perception. When it comes to ring resizing, there are some very common questions and through this article, we’ll try answering most or all of them.

Common Ring Resizing Questions and Their Answers

Below are a few of the most common questions related to ring resizing along with their answers.

How do I make sure that my ring is fitting perfectly?

There’s a clear cut way of finding out whether your ring fits you perfectly or not. When you wear the ring, it should slide smoothly on your finger but, this should not be the case when you remove it. You should have to pull it out with slight force in order to remove it. If that’s how it is, then your ring fits you perfectly.

When shall I go for ring resizing?

If your ring does not fit perfectly (as per the criteria mentioned in the previous answer) and either it is too tight to wear or, it is loose enough to just slip out of your finger then you shall get your ring resized. Depending on the situation you could get your ring made larger or smaller by a certain size, so that it fits perfectly in your finger.

How do I find my perfect ring size?

Below is an image for your reference that will help you find your perfect ring size.

Follow the instructions given in this image to get your perfect ring size. To download the actual image for the ring size, download the ring sizer here

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If I get my ring resized, will the change be visible on my band?

Resizing a ring involves a process that entails cleaning and polishing at the end so the ring won’t look different after it has been resized. It would only fit properly in your finger. This was about the process when it needs to be cut in order to resize. 

However, resizing a ring to a smaller size can be done even without cutting it (with the help of sizing beads etc.). So, in case you’re not convinced about getting your ring smaller with a process that involves cutting the band, you may go for this.

What are the limitations of ring resizing?

Not any and every ring can be resized. For a ring to be resized, it should be preferably made up of Gold, Silver or Platinum and besides this, there should be enough space on the band to carry out the process. Rings like full eternity cannot be resized as there’s not enough space to resize the ring.

Usually a ring can be resized to a maximum of up to two sizes (smaller or larger) because, after that it might not be viable to carry out the resizing with perfection. Aslo, in case of adding beads to the ring to make it smaller, it only reduces the size of the ring by up to one half the size.


We’ve tried answering the most common and important questions related to ring resizing. Hope you found the information useful. Here’s something else that might not only interest you, but delight you as well!

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