Benefits and Side Effects of Wearing Moonstone

Benefits and Side Effects of Wearing Moonstone

Moonstone gems belonging to the Feldspar family are popular around the world for various properties that they are said to possess. While many people strongly believe in the benefits of moonstone, some (if not null) believe in the side effects of moonstone as well.

This milky textured gemstone that looks nice in your ring or necklace, has many aspects attached to it. So, just like anything else, to know about the moonstone we should start with the basics.

In this article, we will provide you with important and relevant information about the benefits of moonstone and its side effects.

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What is a Moonstone? And, more about it

A valid question at this point would be, why is it called a ‘Moonstone’? So, this goes back to the mythological history. Many believed that the stone was created by moonbeams and hence, it's called, moonstone. In fact, it is also supposed to be a crystalized bead of moonlight.

Now, after being versed with the mythological aspect, let’s come to the scientific aspect of moonstone. You may have noticed that moonstone isn’t considered to be that precious. As in, when compared to other jewels and gemstones, it is not that rare and valuable. Isn’t it? So, there’s a simple reason behind this. Moonstones are not that rare gemstones and are found in various countries on earth including US, India, Germany, Brazil etc. In fact, more than 40% of the earth’s crust is said to be made up of Feldspars (the family to which the moonstone belongs).

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Benefits of Moonstone:

  • You may be aware that the moonstone is said to possess some extraordinary healing and calming properties. So, just in case you are someone who is suffering from anxiety or is over-aggressive at times, the moonstone is the perfect gemstone for you. 
  • It is also said to cure health issues like insomnia and even fertility issues. 
  • Moonstone is said to help in striking an emotional balance as well. In case you feel too confused or lost at times, wearing a moonstone might help. 
  • Moonstones are also known to possess protection effects from negative energies. 

Please note that we are not at all saying that only if you are suffering from any of the aforementioned issues, only then you could wear the moonstone. You could in general wear the moonstone as well, if you admire its appearance.

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Side effects of Moonstone:

This was about the benefits of moonstone. Now, let’s come to the possible side effects. Till date, there are no drastic side-effects reported as such about the moonstone. 

However, if you have a piece of jewelry studded with a moonstone, you need to be careful while cleaning it. Never use harsh chemicals while cleaning your moonstone because they would possibly harm it. The moonstone is slightly softer as compared to other gemstones, and hence it should be treated gently. Also, the setting in which the moonstone is studded in the jewelry should be secured.


So, this was all that you wanted to know about the moonstone. Now, you would be able to decide whether you wish to buy moonstone jewelry or not. Let’s also tell you that contemporary couples are interested in moonstone engagement rings because of its beautiful contrasting look with gold. Should you wish to purchase a nice moonstone engagement ring, Click Here