6 Diamond Huggie Earrings That You Must Own!

6 Diamond Huggie Earrings That You Must Own!
They say “Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder” but, there are certain things which are so beautiful that even the most ignorant beholder can’t avoid them. For instance, take diamond huggie earrings aka hoops that are trending among fashion influencers and even celebrities, due to their design and appearance. Here’s a list of 6 diamond huggie earrings that you must own.
Please note: The prices mentioned below are for a single piece of earring and not for the pair.

Flower Diamond Huggies

flower diamond hoop earrings
$150 | Buy Here
These flower diamond huggie earrings have an invisible tag of cuteness. They emit a youthful vibe because of the diamonds set as a flower as you can see. It’s not just about the solid 14k gold embellished with 0.08 carats diamonds, but more importantly the simplistic and yet exuberant design which makes it worthy to be a part of your favorite accessories.

Diamond Line Hoops

diamond hoops
$145 | Buy Here
This set of hoops is not just another piece of jewelry, it’s a mark of our craftsmanship that signifies romanticism! And, in case you have them in your collection, you will appreciate us every time you wear them. The 0.15 carats diamonds are arranged aesthetically in 14k solid gold in a geometric fashion to give them an exquisite look.

Dainty Baguette Hoops:

diamond huggie earrings
$160 | Buy Here
This set of hoops will surely get you an ‘O.M.G!’ from all those who look at it. After looking at them if you’re developing a strong desire to own them, that’s quite natural. Set in solid 14k gold, these earrings are embellished with 0.15 carats diamonds and in the middle what you see are adorable baguette-cut diamonds. It’s a sophisticated art piece in the form of jewelry, isn’t it?

Round Bezel Diamond Huggies

bezel diamond huggie earrings
$125 | Buy Here
If beauty combines with durability, it becomes even better! These huggie earrings signify exactly that with the diamonds set in a bezel instead of a traditional pave. The bezel setting makes it look more beautiful and also makes it safer for the diamonds. These stunning hoops are built with 14k solid gold embellished with 0.09 carats diamonds.

Micro Pave Diamond Hoopsclassic diamond hoop earrings

$125 | Buy Here
This set of hoops simply redefines elegance! The 0.11 carats diamonds studded beautifully in solid 14k gold create a perfect piece of jewelry for all occasions. If you were looking for that missing X - factor with your gorgeous dress, you’ll definitely find it with these diamond huggie earrings!

Tiny Solitaire Hoops

solitaire diamond hoops
$95 | Buy Here 
These little beauties are the most affordable hoops in the list. The diamond that you see studded in 14k gold in a bezel setting is 0.04 carats. These diamond earrings represent a true minimalist and are perfect for you if you wish to exhibit some ‘casual elegance’. Sometimes you feel good just like that and these earrings would make it better. 

Final Words

These were the recommendations from our side in helping you select the best possible diamond huggie earrings. Although, in quest of selecting the best you might also get a bit confused because you might not want to leave any of these. You can even buy these earrings in single pieces and mix-match with other earrings. We know you’ll look even more gorgeous adorning these beautiful earrings and make those envious who don’t possess them.
These earrings are available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold variants and come with a certificate of authenticity. Check out BuyArtJewels for more such exclusive jewelry collections.