5 Varieties of Station Necklaces for an Elegantly Balanced You!

5 Varieties of Station Necklaces for an Elegantly Balanced You!

They are easy to carry and provide you with a sober yet sophisticated look. Station necklaces have a quality that most modern women look for and that’s ‘convenience’. A station necklace is light enough that you don’t feel as if you’re carrying something extra, but at the same time, they’re beautiful enough that you won’t go unnoticed. 

There are various types of station necklaces that you would find in the market. Here we’ve chosen a few best ones to make the choice easier for you. So, here you go:

Vermeil Disc Station Necklace

silver station necklace

$37 | Buy Here

Here’s a beautiful vermeil necklace that’s hand-brushed with a durable 2.5-micron layer of 18k gold. Those organized discs are definitely an eye-catcher, aren’t they? This is an affordable and quite a magnificent piece of jewelry that you probably just can’t resist buying.

Bezel Diamond Station Necklace

round diamond station necklace

$260 | Buy Here

Here’s a bezel set with a ‘wow’ factor embellished with diamonds. The 14 karat gold chain is a subtle heart stealer and with it are flashing diamonds. If someone gifts this to you, you’ll be more than happy, right? To the boys reading this: go ahead and gift this to your loved one. She’ll be impressed for sure!

Teardrop Diamond Station Necklace

pear diamond station necklace

$265 | Buy Here

Here’s a set that brings with itself an ‘oomph’ factor without being flashy. The solid gold chain with beads comprising pear-shaped diamonds is a nice gift for any occasion. Besides being a beautiful diamond choker it comes with adjustable chain lengths as an added advantage. To feel adorned with this station necklace, you’ll have to wear and feel it.

Gemstone Station Necklace

gemstone station necklace

$250 | Buy Here

Here’s a gemstone station necklace that is assured of bringing a nice little smile on your face. The gold chain embellished with multiple gemstones makes it a slightly colorful set that fits perfectly as a gift for multiple occasions. If you were confused about stones, color, etc. this will be a great choice for you because of the variegated gemstones.

V-Diamond Station Necklace

v diamond necklace

$220 | Buy Here

Before coming to the qualities of this set, if you are unable to remove your eyes off this spectacular necklace, we second you! This V-diamond station necklace comprising 14k gold embellished with a precious round-cut diamonds set in a V and half stations is the perfect gift for your loved one. A memorable moment made better with this masterpiece would be nothing less than a dream come true!

Final Words:

I hope the aforementioned station necklaces are as dreamy and desirable as you were looking for. All the necklaces are available in rose, yellow, and white gold colors. So, choose a perfect station necklace and let your charm enhance because such jewelry would help you make a beautiful statement without uttering a word. 

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