5 Mind blowing Diamond Station Necklaces that you can Shop

5 Mind blowing Diamond Station Necklaces that you can Shop

Your everyday look matters. If you maintain a stylish look everyday, people will adore you and you’ll definitely like that feeling. Diamond station necklaces enhance your everyday look just for that. Whether you are dressing up for office or a casual get-together with friends or anything else in your routine, you can add an ‘x’ factor to your look with a mindblowing diamond station necklace. So, here’s a list of beautiful yet affordable diamond station necklaces for you.

14k Diamond Station Necklace

diamond station necklace

$234.74 | Buy Here

First on this list is this simple yet elegant station necklace with diamonds in a bezel set studded in a gold chain. Those scintillating diamonds in all weigh 0.13 carats. Whether you wish to carry it for enhancing your minimalist day to day look or, you wish to personally gift it to someone close, this necklace will be your perfect choice. 

14k Lotus Station Necklace

diamond station necklace

$398.24 | Buy Here

If you’re looking for a station necklace that’s trendy but still not very flashy, this lotus necklace is what you are wishing for. This necklace has diamonds set as a lotus in a gold chain creating such a beautiful effect that nobody around you would be able to ignore you. This has got 0.27 carats of diamonds studded in a 14k solid gold chain. At this price, it’s an unbelievable deal, isn’t it?

Sapphire-Topaz Station Necklace

sapphire station necklace

$449.99 | Buy Here

What if tell you that you can own a station necklace that doesn’t comprise diamonds but looks as stunning as a diamond one? Yes, that’s true! Here’s this beautiful necklace with natural blue sapphires and white topaz set in a picturesque manner in a bezel setting. By the way, blue sapphires are healer stones which also symbolize love and commitment, so it’s an added advantage. Both sapphires and topaz make up 0.70 carats each in this necklace.

Teardrop Diamond Bridal Necklace

$429.73 | Buy Here

If you’re someone who believes in creating a league of her own instead of following a league, this necklace might become one of your most beautiful desires. Just look at those dazzling diamonds set in pear shape in a solid gold chain. Who wouldn’t fall in love with them? Additionally, you get the option of selecting the gold of your choice (14k and 18k) to customize this piece of jewelry.

Dainty Teardrop Diamond Necklace

$265.17 | Buy Here

Last but not the least this station necklace is a slightly mini version of the last necklace that you saw on this list. It has got 0.16 carat natural round diamonds arranged in teardrop pattern studded neatly in a gold chain. To make your everyday look much more special this piece of jewelry is quite elegant and yet quite affordable.

The Final Word

These are the best diamond station necklaces for a more stylish you. Apart from their inherent magnificence these necklaces come with a customization option of adjustable chain lengths. BuyArtJewels is committed to provide rightly priced authentic jewelry along with relevant recommendations. Check out more such beautiful collections at BuyArtJewels.