14K Diamond Hoop Earrings Trending in 2020

14K Diamond Hoop Earrings Trending in 2020

There’s something about diamond hoop earrings that a superstar like Selena Gomez and supermodel like Bella Hadid can not get over it. While Selana Gomez has been seen flaunting her hoop earrings at many important occasions, Bella Hadid wore them during a red carpet event!

If you feel like a fashion diva too and you are looking for a pair of trendy diamond hoops, then here’s a list that we’ve prepared specially for you to help you out. New year is round the corner and the following products will help you be the trendsetter in 2020. So, here you go!

Tiny Solitaire Hoops

$89.24 | Buy Here

14k tiny solitaire hoops are the ones we would like to start with. Because who doesn’t love simplicity? Well! These solitaire hoops encompass elegance along with simplicity so, there’s no reason that they could be out of trend. These diamond hoop earrings are made in solid 14k gold and are studded with 0.04 carat diamonds. And, that’s not it! You can buy them as a pair or individually, as you wish.

Classic Diamond Huggie Earrings

$116.99 | Buy Here

These classic diamond huggies had to be on this list. As we said earlier as well, simplicity never goes out of trend. These classic diamond huggie earrings will be a perfect accessory for any occasion whether you’re wearing casuals or formals. They’ll also make a perfect gift although, you would not want to gift them and wear them yourself. These classic huggies are made in solid 14k gold and have 0.10 carat diamonds set in a geometric fashion.

Round Bezel Diamond Huggies

$116.99 | Buy Here

Someone has rightly said “The More the merrier!” And, if it is about diamonds then definitely it holds true for every woman. These round bezel diamond huggies are extravagant accessories that are not just beautiful but durable as well. Yes! That’s true. The round bezel setting makes these earrings fit for everyday use. These are also made in solid 14k gold and are studded with 0.09 carats diamonds.

Diamond Line Hoop Earrings

$135.74 | Buy Here

Ecstatic is what you would feel after wearing these diamond line hoop earrings. And, more importantly, you'll be able to impress your circle for sure with these exquisite earrings that entail 0.15 carat diamonds arranged in ascending order as per their sizes. These diamond hoop earrings are also made in 14k solid gold and would be your perfect accessory to set the trend in 2020. They just look fantastic, don’t they?

The Final Word

These recommendations from our end about the diamond hoop earrings will hopefully help you in being a fashion diva and setting the accessories’ trend in 2020. BuyArtJewels is committed to providing you with authentic high quality jewelry that is rightly priced. Yes, that’s too good to be true but that is how it is. So, check out our other fabulous collections as well and share your experiences.